HIV Service

We offer a range of services for people living with or affected by HIV

We provide a safe and confidential place for people living with HIV in North East England to meet others and find support. If you or someone you know is affected by HIV, and may benefit from our services, then please get in touch. Our services are confidential.
One to One

For adults and children affected by HIV

We will listen to your hopes, concerns and challenges and support you to get to where you want to be.

Peer Support

For adults living with HIV

Be encouraged and inspired by others living with HIV. Come along to our groups, activities and events; relax, learn, grow, laugh and inspire others.

Baby & Toddler Group

For parents with pre-school children and expectant parents

Make new friends, share experiences, ask questions and enjoy quality time with your little one.

Teenagers’ Group

For teenagers affected by HIV

You are not alone! Come along and meet young people like you. Be yourself, laugh, learn and make new friends.

Young Adults’ Group

For 16- 25 year olds living affected by HIV

A safe and confidential place to chat about the issues you face moving into adulthood. Meet others who will help you along the way and make new friends.

Finding Your Feet

For newly diagnosed

An HIV diagnosis can be frightening and bewildering. Take time out to find out more about living with HIV from expert speakers, including people living with HIV.


“The group has helped me cope with HIV and to know that I am not alone, and HIV is not the end of the world.”
“When I was first visited, I was seriously thinking of suicide, but the support from Blue Sky Trust has turned my life around.”
“Blue Sky Trust gave me life cos I thought I was the only one with HIV in the world but when I came to the group, I found people with HIV my own age and it made me more confident.”


If you are living with HIV and you want to make a difference, get in touch and tell us your ideas. You might want to contribute to our blog, give us your feedback, help deliver training or share your story.






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