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T4Y deliver bespoke educational workshops that empower young people with the information, skills, confidence and resilience to make safe and healthy choices about relationships and sex. These are delivered in assemblies, health days, one off lessons or as courses, in schools and youth organisations across North East England. We deliver workshops on 3 topic areas:

Decision Making

Influences on decision making,
self esteem, assertiveness, peer pressure, media images and social norms.

Relationships & Sex

Good/bad relationships, intimacy, STIs; HIV, early sex, unsafe sex, consent.

Staying Safe

Safer internet use, child sexual exploitation, domestic violence, cyberbullying, pornography, sexting, where to go for support.

During sessions, we witness positive changes in attitude and in young people’s intended behaviour.

I will try and say ‘no’ more to things I don’t want to do
 “Now I know how to show someone I love them without going all the way
 “The students really enjoy listening to other people instead of their teachers and responded very
positively in all the sessions – even some of our more challenging students!”

Our Aim

Young people receive many messages about sex and relationships from the media, advertising, celebrities, their peers and through technology. Our aim is to help young people value themselves and others and explore what they want for their lives in a non-judgmental environment. Workshops are lively, fun and interactive. Young people are listened to and their opinions valued. We help them look at topics through fresh eyes, gently challenging misinformation and allowing them the space to form their own views.

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